Capel Street

The first Hailan restaurant was established at 45 Capel Street in 2005. Serving authentic traditional Korean and Chinese cuisine using fresh and authentic ingredients, Hailan Korean & Chinese Restaurant marked a shift in the type of East Asian food available to the people of Dublin.

While Chinese food has of course been available in Ireland since the 1970s, most is adapted for Western tastes. Hailan has pioneered a move towards a more authentic representation of Chinese cuisine which allows our customers to experience the true tastes of China, from hotpots and hearty favourites, to the all together more exotic.

Of course, it's not just Chinese cuisine that's available here. Hailan Capel Street was the first restaurant in Dublin to serve authentic Korean dishes. Come here for the bibimbap, Korean sushi and pancakes, and of course all sorts of Kimchi delights.

We welcome you to make a booking here for dinner, and if you wish there are three private rooms (with karaoke) available for larger groups.

If you'd rather enjoy our food at home, you can order online through JustEat and have hot food ready in no time at all.


Hailan Chinese & Korean,
45 Capel Street,
Dublin 1.

Opening Hours

Sun-Sat: 12-11.00pm


(01) 874 8677


(01) 874 8677

(01) 874 8677

If you would like to make a booking at Capel Street, please call us on the number above.

Our Capel Street location can accommodate groups in private rooms with karaoke. 3 rooms sizes are available; up to 10, up to 15, or up to and over 20 persons. The rooms are FREE but there is a minimum spend of:

€100 - for up to 10 people
€150 - for 10–15 people
€200 - for 15 or more people

For smaller groups simply visit the restaurant and we'll seat you as quickly as possible.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions you might have about our food, so please give us a call.

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